The University of First Enrolment is the partner where the 1st academic year is followed. The University of Second Enrolment is University of Minho, where the CBMs take place. The University of Third Enrolment is the partner where the ATMs and R&TD dissertation are carried out.


Besides the EURHEO EM Course tuition fees paid to the Consortium, no additional general taxes or fees will be paid by the students to any of the partners, such as enrolment fees, student ID-card fee, diploma fees, joint certificate fees, etc. Non-standard requests by the students can be taxed by the partners according to local procedures.


The Consortium Secretariat will automatically issue a Formal Admission Letter for each student. The partners will issue a certificate of enrolment, whenever asked for by the students participating in the programme.



The value for the registration fees of the 2013/2015 EURHEO 6th edition is 4000€ per academic year.



After notice of the official selection to receive the EM scholarship, the awarded students will be asked to confirm their participation in the programme and will be charged by the Secretariat a deposit fee of 50€. This is to minimise the drop-out rate and affiliate prospective candidates to EURHEO.